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Investment in Agriculture Has Never Looked So Bright

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Are you new to Canada and looking for an area to invest? Perhaps you are a farmer at heart and you are looking for reasonably priced, quality land? Saskatchewan is your answer. Saskatchewan is known worldwide as a consistent and reliable supplier of safe, high-quality grains, oilseeds, pulses and livestock. According to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, In 2013 SK produced:

  • 99 per cent of Canada’s chickpeas
  • 96 per cent of Canada’s lentils
  • 87 per cent of Canada’s durum wheat
  • 82 per cent of Canada’s flaxseed
  • 76 per cent of Canada’s mustard
  • 64 per cent of Canada’s dry peas
  • 50 per cent of Canada’s canola

If you are looking to invest, choosing someone who will get you the right piece of land is the first step. It is equally important to get someone who knows the land and is connected to trustworthy and reputable farmers who will cash rent or share crop is the best choice.

It’s not surprising that in 2013, Saskatchewan lead Canadian exports in 11 agricultural food products:

  • Canola Seed – $2.06 billion
  • Lentils – $1.15 billion
  • Canola Oil – $1.46 million
  • Pea – $1.11 million
  • Durum – $1.28 billion
  • Canola Meal – $686 million
  • Flaxseed – $297 million
  • Oats – $248 million
  • Canary Seed – $86 million
  • Mustard Seed – $72 million
  • Chickpeas – $30 million

You could be contributing to this booming industry. If you are considering getting farmland in Saskatchewan, contact Doug Rue. Doug has helped many investors and families find their perfect property. He knows the land, he knows farming, most of all, he cares. To see some available land as well as land that he has sold, visit or call 306-716-2671.

Trish Mandewo
Freshwater Land Holding Co. Ltd

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