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Farming Is In Their Blood

Del Rue is a true Icon.  Born and raised in Watrous Saskachewan, Del had to fill his father’s shoes at a very early age.  Del’s father passed away when he was in his teens, he found himself taking over the farm and assuming responsibilities.  A lot of teens would shy away from a challenge of […]

Ranch or Farm? Which one should you choose?

Do you know that most of investors turn to Saskatchewan when it comes to investment land? Why does everyone want a piece of this gem? With 57,000 registered farms, Saskatchewan has 40% of ALL agricultural land in Canada. New investors are not only faced with the decision of where to invest but they also have […]

Buying Ranches for Cattle Farming

Venturing into a new business can be a daunting task, cattle farming isn’t any different.  Many people inherit or buy land as an investment but end up failing.  The secret is to plan your new found venture like any other business.  Below are some steps to use as a guide.  Buying from someone with a […]

Saskatchewan is a hidden Agricultural Gem – Who New!

When one thinks of Saskatchewan, they think of the prairies – scarcely populated semi-arid grasslands. Many do not realize that Saskatchewan is known worldwide as a consistent and reliable supplier of safe, high-quality grains, oilseeds, pulses and livestock… [Read More]

Dry Conditions in Alberta

With the dry condition in Alberta getting worse by each day, Alberta farmers are feeling the heat.  Farmers are looking for options to serve their herds, with some looking down south to the USA. An option that is closer to home is Saskatchewan. Read More… Alberta’s ‘creeping disaster’: Cattle industry hit hard as dry weather […]

Knowing Your Soil Type and Moisture Level Should Play a Big Part in Your Fertility Strategy

The link below is a good article from about the return on investment on fertilizer… Excerpt: Producers have the financial wherewithal to take some chances with increased inputs when commodity prices are higher and margins can cover all the costs of farming. These strategies pay off to a point: yields increase and with them […]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Land in Saskatchewan

Affordable Prices – by far, Saskatchewan has the best prices. Rich and productive soil most areas. High Returns – On the Toronto Stock Exchange, farmland generates higher absolute returns. Cash Flow – Cash renting provides a steady flow of cash You can buy crown mineral rights in some areas, your farm could be sitting on […]

Investment in Agriculture Has Never Looked So Bright

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Are you new to Canada and looking for an area to invest? Perhaps you are a farmer at heart and you are looking for reasonably priced, quality land? Saskatchewan is your answer. Saskatchewan is known worldwide as a consistent and reliable supplier of safe, high-quality grains, oilseeds, pulses […]

Taking Some Time Off

It was with great pleasure that I managed to take time off of my busy schedule to visit a few countries. I was able to visit orphanages, homes for sick or destitute children, and hospitals in India, Srilanka, Thailand and Cambodia. We managed to provide the kids with food, some shelter, sewing machines, some appliances, […]

2014 – Photo Gallery of Saskatchewan Farmland

Farmland from around Saskatchewan…